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One of our jobs here at Octane Online Marketing is to scour the internet for the best, most compelling subject lines we can find, and then pass them on to you. We went everywhere to search out these lines – even into spam folders. So here they are– we hope they help you with your email marketing.


Open Me for an Amazing Offer
Confidential information attached
A Sneak Peek for Curious People
A Sneak Peek for Strong Minded People Only
Eat Me Now (For a restaurant or food product)
Action Required
Luxury For Less
Get this NOW Before it’s Gone
Flash Sale Alert
You ’Il Regret it If You Miss Out
Early Black Friday Sale (Going On Now)
Black Friday in July
Insane Price Drop
Bye Bye
This has Never Been Revealed Before
A Sneak Peek for the Select FewNever
Before. Never Again
You Have an Unread Message.
Don’t You Love the Smell of Spring Savings?
Do It For Him
Do It For Her
Once in a Lifetime Savings End Soon


What About This?
How’s This?
Don’t Tell Anyone
It’s A Secret
Keep It a Secret
Can You Keep a Secret?
It’s Here
Look What We Did
Did You Receive This Message In Error?
Don’t Open This If You Have a Weak Heart


Please Don’t Open This
Here’s An Offer Elon Musk Would Like
The First Email Made with Disappearing Ink
I Hope You’re Sitting Down
Don’t Open This If You Have a Weak Heart 


This Email Is For Weak People Only
5 Disgusting Facts About New Year’s Eve
Your Butt Will Look Great in These Pants (fashion)
Put Your Clothes Back On. (fashion)You Look Better With Clothes On (fashion)
For Greedy People Only
This Doesn’t Suck
This Offer Doesn’t Suck
Not Another Damn Email
Special Offer For Unhappy People 


Hey Sally, We Picked These For You
A Special Offer Just For You
We Made it for You, {name.}
Hi, [name], Quick Question for You
Hey {name.} We Think You’re Going to Like This.
Pssst {name} This is Only for You
Peter Said we Should Contact You.


Only For You
Don’t share this Email
Exclusive Offer For A Limited Time
For Under 30 Women Only
Please Don’t Show this Email to Anyone

These are just a few subject lines that can increase your email open rate. For more awesome lines, check out this article: Secret Subject Lines Never Revealed Before

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