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Over 60% of small businesses use email marketing, making it the second-most popular marketing strategy for small businesses. In fact, email marketing now has a $36 ROI, with top performers generating over $70 per dollar spent. However, you won’t experience success with email marketing if you’re not growing your realtor email list.

Here are eight simple tips you can use to build your real estate agent email list. With these tips, you can generate and nurture leads.

Build your real estate mailing list and business today!

1. Use Lead Magnets

One of the easiest ways to build a real estate mailing list is to add intriguing, useful offers to your website as lead magnets. Lead magnets encourage clients to provide their emails in exchange for something else. For example, you might offer access to a free interactive tool, such as a mortgage calculator.

Before adding a lead magnet to your website, research your target audience. Consider what your clients want from your business. Knowing what they want will ensure you provide a relevant and intriguing lead magnet.

Otherwise, potential subscribers won’t find it worth the effort to subscribe to your email newsletter.

As a real estate agent, you might offer potential homebuyers a “First Time Home Buying Guide” or guide to neighborhoods in their area. Research local competitors to determine what lead magnets they’ve used. Make sure your lead magnet is branded, unique, and above all else, valuable to your subscribers.

Share your lead magnet on your website in more than one spot. For example, you can add it above the fold on a landing page. Consider adding it to your website footer to ensure visitors see it on every page.

When creating your opt-in form, make sure it only asks for necessary information. Too many fields could discourage people from completing the form. For example, you might only ask for their email.

Some forms ask for a name, phone number, and email. The fewer fields, the better.

Use a compelling call to action to encourage people to complete the form. Adjust the language to ensure it’s concise.

As you use the rest of these tips, don’t forget to audit your website. Make sure it’s fast and mobile-friendly. If people struggle to see and complete your forms from mobile devices, they’ll leave your website without completing the form.

2. Create Pop-Ups

If people tend to leave your website without completing your opt-in forms, consider creating a surprise pop-up. Pop-ups can give your email sign-up forms more visibility. You can set the pop-up to appear based on:

  • Time spent on a landing page
  • Cursor position on a landing page
  • Pages visited
  • Percentage scrolled

You can also set a pop-up to appear when users are about to leave. These are called exit-intent pop-ups. You can drive more conversions by having pop-ups appear at the right time.

To determine the ideal timing, use A/B testing with different forms.

Make sure your pop-up has a clear and compelling call to action. Don’t forget to add an incentive to encourage more conversions.

3. Leverage Social Media

Over 3.5 billion people actively use social media. Expand your online reach with social media marketing. Tease a piece of content, then encourage people to sign up for your emails for more.

Create more interactive content on social media using polls and quizzes. Add links to your website or a dedicated landing page to encourage email sign-ups.

Make sure to keep up with these marketing trends for real estate agents as well.

4. Personalize Landing Pages

Use personalized, targeted landing pages to grow your real estate agent email lists. Personalized landing pages are more focused on specific audiences. For example, you can appeal to people based on where they’re located.

Use white space to give the content on each page room to breathe.

Have a clear, compelling headline to immediately grab the reader’s attention. Make sure to communicate the value you’re offering them.

Use persuasive copy that speaks to the reader’s desires, aspirations, or pain points.

Then, use a strong call to action to convert those readers into leads.

5. Use Gamification

Gamifying your sign-up forms is a fun way to engage website visitors. Make it a fun experience! For example, you can use a wheel of fortune.

After typing in their email, the visitor can “spin” the wheel to receive a “prize.” Remember to choose prizes and incentives your clients want.

When using this tactic, make sure the graphics are eye-catching, branded, and engaging. Use bold fonts, bright colors, and creativity to grab the visitor’s attention. If the graphic doesn’t stand out on the page, people won’t engage with the form.

Keep it simple, too. Overloading people with too many options or information can scare them off.

Only ask people to enter their email addresses if they want to play. Complicating the process could deter them.

Otherwise, try creating an interactive tool. For example, you can create a fun quiz on your website. To receive their results, visitors will need to provide their email address.

6. Create a Referral Program

As you continue to build your real estate mailing list, consider having your current clients help. Create a referral program and encourage them to spread the word about your business.

Offer an exclusive for each new client they bring. Make sure it’s something your clients want.

7. Use a Chatbot

Live chatbots can provide website visitors with information and support. They can also offer incentives to encourage more people to sign up for your email lists.

Use chatbots as part of your customer service strategy. Send people a follow-up email offering solutions to the problems they’re facing. You can improve the customer experience and give people a reason to return to your website.

8. Try Offline

You can also use old-school, offline marketing tactics to build your lists.

For example, you can network with other businesses. Participate in local events and encourage people to sign up for your emails. Offer your experience and expertise to a broader audience to build your lists.

Start Building Your Realtor Email List

Building a realtor email list can help you nurture leads and retain clients. Use these tips to encourage more people to sign-up for your emails. With these tips, you can build a strong real estate agent email list without stress.

Start marketing with these tips today.

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