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About 80 percent of digital marketers say that they would rather give up social media than email marketing. Email marketing can be effective in targeting the right audience. However, it must be done right to ensure a maximum return on investment.

When delivering email marketing services, you must think about the consumer. Successful marketing agencies use the end-consumer approach to create topics for emails. This is the best way to avoid making some common marketing mistakes.

Focus on creating quality relatable content for the best results. In this article, we will discuss eight common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Failing To Accommodate Mobile Phone Users

Most consumers use their mobile phones to check emails. However, marketers use PCs when crafting their email designs. Thus, many forget to make their emails mobile-friendly.

Everything appears great on your PC screen but it might look different on a mobile device. The consumer will lose interest the moment they receive poor graphics.

Correct this mistake by using marketing software that has mobile-optimized features. Learn how to balance out text and visuals when structuring emails for customers.

2. Failing To Authenticate Your Email Address

The first impression is everything, especially in the marketing world. The last thing you want is your consumer receiving your email with a spam alert. They will perceive it as trash from the word go.

This is exactly what happens when you fail to authenticate your email. Confirming your IP and domain address is paramount during email authentication. If you fail to do so you might be blocked from sending any more emails to your customer’s inbox.

Besides, someone can use your account name to send out emails to customers. Learn about tools you can use to protect your email from being tampered with.

3. Using A No-Reply Address

The main aim of an email marketing plan is to improve communication between you and consumers. Seamless communication is an exchange between both parties. Thus, it wouldn’t be fair if you shared endless ads without asking for the consumer’s feedback.

Most marketers use the no-reply identity to avoid dealing with emails from multiple consumers. Yet, without the feedback of consumers, you stand to make more mistakes in product designing. By honoring their opinions, you will make your customers feel validated.

Besides, the no-reply tag makes your band appear unapproachable. Use a more friendly tag like hello. This way, the consumer will feel more encouraged to go through the contents of your email.

4. Sending Generic Mail

When coming up with an email marketing plan, most marketers generalize their audience. Your consumers will notice it when you have a poor email marketing plan. Users decide on whether to go through the content by looking at the email subject line.

They can tell when you are blasting emails. The poor email marketing service can cost you many loyal subscribers. Besides, you risk raising an alarm on spam filters when you send bulk emails.

To avoid this mistake, ensure you segment your target audience. Research the message that would appeal most to each group. This will help you come up with a personalized email marketing plan.

5. Failing To Send A Welcome Email

Welcome emails are an efficient strategy for customer retention. Consumers feel valued when you express gratitude for their subscription. Remember, these are people who took their time to fill up forms to be on your email list.

Take this opportunity to introduce your brand. However, it would be unwise to bombard them with marketing emails right away.

6. Wrong Use Of CTA

To get the most from your email marketing service make sure you incite consumers towards an action. Avoid sending them empty “just checking in’ messages. They can read all the content on your emails, but without an invitation towards action, your email strategy is futile.

A smart marketer is intentional about their emails, and this is evident in their specific call to action. The content of your email should prime the CTA.

When figuring out how to structure emails for customers, ensure your call to action agrees with the email subject line.

Another common CTA mistake is using more than one prompt in the same space. Too many CTA prompts will overwhelm the consumer. This will confuse the customers about what action to take.

Wrong use of CTA is a poor email marketing plan that only results in lower conversion rates.

7. Sending Too Many Emails

We understand that this new email marketing plan excites you. Your commitment to pumping up your business is admirable. However, avoid sending too many emails to customers. Would you be comfortable receiving endless emails from a business email?

Most consumers would unsubscribe from your emailing list in an instant. Besides, you don’t want to get a reputation as a nagging brand. Think about your target audience and at what rate they would prefer getting your emails.

For the marketing strategy to work, the consumer needs to be eager when opening your emails. Smart digital marketers use weekly newsletters with powerful email subject lines. This advertising frequency has a favorable reception among the consumers.

8. Delaying Email Campaigns

Some of the smartest marketers delay their campaigns awaiting a favorable response on their previous one. But it would be wise to follow a solid email marketing plan with regular campaign intervals.

Besides, new email articles might interest them to check out your previous campaigns. Therefore, consistency in releasing new campaigns pays off after some time.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Most marketers come up with great email marketing plans but fail on the delivery. Avoid the above common email marketing mistakes to generate more leads. It’s advisable to ensure your email subject line agrees with your call to action.

We want to help you send the right idea to your target list. Contact us now to get the best email marketing support you can get.

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