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If you thought 2022 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Experts are warning that the economy will get worse in 2023. Bank of America says the U.S. will soon lose approximately 175,000 jobs a month beginning in January. The Federal Reserve’s fight to curb inflation will cause this, according to CNN Business.

Your work is cut out for you if you’re an email marketer. Don’t worry, Following the “3 P’s” helps – pro-active, prepared, and positive – and applying the tips below will help even more.

One thing is certain; email marketing will NOT be cut from your company’s budget. It is the most impactful and cost-effective way to reach new customers, grow your product and increase your conversion rates. Email marketing generates $36 for every $1 spent, which adds up to about 3600% ROI. With that said, here are 6 ways you can survive and thrive with better email marketing in 2023.

Successful Email Marketing Tips


Your content needs to excite the subscriber. Find unique ways to promote your product or service. Write more compelling and scalable content. Then add discounts, coupons, freebies, VIP promotions, free trial subscriptions, e-books, white papers, etc. to increase conversions. Make your campaigns and offers as aggressive and relevant as possible.

If your subject line isn’t eye-catching, your audience isn’t even going to open your email. This single line of text determines if it get open and 47% of people open emails based on the subject line alone. Click here for some attention-grabbing subject lines.


Email personalization is a great way to improve the open rate of your email campaigns. Epsilon Research says that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience.


Another good way to get your email campaign noticed is to segment your lists. This targets users more directly and intelligently. Research shows that segmented lists have at least a $1.90 uplift per customer. Marketers that use email segmentation have a 24% higher open rate. Subscribers want content that is relevant to their likes and dislikes – and it can create a seamless customer experience.

4) Tailor your tactics

According to Harvard Business Review, marketers must balance efforts to pare costs and shore up short-term sales during an economic downturn. Streamlining product portfolios, improving affordability, and bolstering trust are three effective ways of meeting these goals. Innovative improvements to core products and services will grab attention and motivate purchases.


Retargeting ads are a very effective way to engage customers. These ads “retarget” people who have already visited your website or interacted with your brand. They keep your product or service top of mind and engage potential customers. Retargeting optimizes email campaigns for conversions and improves brand recall.


A current, verified mailing list is always important, but it is absolutely essential for email marketing in 2023. Email list databases should be verified, validated – and segmented so you can target specific categories of business. We recommend that you build a new email list for 2023 with the Email List Company, They’ve been the #1 trusted source for marketing lists for over 20 years.

Want better email marketing in 2023? Contact our experts by clicking herethey will help you stay alive and thrive.

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