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If you market to insurance agents and insurance brokers, it is essential to have an updated and verified email list. Even though these are relatively stable industries, we are experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years – budgets are tight and competition is fierce.

There are some important criteria to consider when choosing an insurance agent email list, like data quality, useability, and cost. With that said, here are 5 tips to help you get a highly targeted insurance agent email list and stay ahead of the competition.

1) An Up-to-Date Insurance Agent Email List
You need a list that is updated and verified to prevent bounces, undeliverables, and red flags. Make sure the email list you’re buying is up-to-date. Some lists out there might be years old and obsolete. An up-to-date, highly targeted insurance agent and broker list will help you reach the right audience and help you make more conversions and sales.

2) Make Sure the Insurance Agent Email List Has a High Accuracy Rate
They say there is no list more accurate than the one you build yourself, but that takes time and time is money. If an insurance agent email list provider claims they have a 100% accuracy rate, don’t bet on it because it’s statistically impossible. If they advertise highly targeted emails – this is a subjective claim and hard to prove. A 95% accuracy rate is a good quantitative number you may be able to count on.

3) Data Quality
An insurance agent and insurance broker email list with a clean database is your most important marketing tool. Fresh email addresses mean more efficiency, higher responses, and conversion rates. Make sure the database is cleaned and scrubbed at least once a month. Data cleansing is the process of deleting corrupt, inaccurate, or obsolete records from a database and then replacing it with fresh data. Drilling down your list saves you time and money.

4) Is the Insurance Agent Email List Segmented?
A segmented email list is critical in today’s business world. This ensures that your email campaigns will not have high bounce rates and undeliverables. You will reach the right customers at the right time and minimize spam complaints.

Look for an insurance agent email list that segments your audience by targeting smaller subsets, so it aligns with what you’re offering. Segmenting your readers will improve your conversions and ROI.

5) Price
A robust insurance agent email list should cost no more than $200. And remember, everything is negotiable. We recommend the Email List Company because not only do they provide the best insurance agent email lists, they also beat any competitors’ price.

If you’re shopping for a insurance agent or insurance broker email list, and have an offer, bring it to the Email List Company, and they will beat that price. Your job is competitive; their job is competitive, too.

These are a few top tips to help you find an insurance agent email list that will increase your sales and ROI. If you are finished shopping and still aren’t satisfied with the choices out there, then it’s time to contact the most trusted marketing list provider in the business, The Email List Company.

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