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You’ve read hundreds of articles about how to improve your email marketing. There are so many what-to-do’s, tips, and advice from gurus out there, it’s coming out of both your ears. Well, here’s something different. Instead of telling you what to do, we wrote an article about don’ts in email marketing.

Don’ts in email marketing

Don’t Lie

Lying is a sin, especially if you’re an email marketer. Your reputation is at stake and if you get caught in a lie or any kind of deceit, your business could be damaged. It’s easy to fact check emails on the internet, and believe it or not, there are readers who will make it a mission to verify a price or offer. Then they can hurt your reputation with a bad review.

You can create an engaging email campaign with compelling content without resorting to deception. Leave the lying to politicians.

Don’t Go Silent

If you disappear after successfully launching a campaign, you can get hit by a number of unsubscribers. And if you send out a new email after weeks of silence, you may get a rash of brand new unsubscribes. Once they remember who you are, you may have lost their trust and confidence.

Don’t Forget to Add Value

Valuable content is a prerequisite for a successful email campaign. Nobody likes to read emails that literally offer no value. Yet there are brands and marketers who send these out.

While your subject lines needs to be catchy, your content should always focus on benefits to your readers. Learn more about adding value to your email campaigns by clicking here.

Don’t Ignore Segmentation

Segmenting your subscribers is more important than ever. Marketers have seen an increase of 760 percent in email revenue from segmented campaigns. (Campaign Monitor) Never underestimate the power of segmentation and its ability to increase your conversion rates.

Vikas Bhatt from customerthink.com gives us some examples – if someone signs up for blogging tips, you should know whether to share beginner, intermediate or expert tips. And if you’re promoting software, you should separate content for small businesses and large businesses because the requirements are different.

Segmented email campaigns get 14.31 percent more opens and 100.95 percent more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. (Mailchimp)

Don’t Ignore Analytics

Many problems can be solved if marketers pay attention to the analytics. Start analyzing what you are doing wrong and fix it. If you follow these five DON”Ts then you’re likely going to see a spike in conversion and engagement rates.

There are many more “DON’Ts” as well as “DO’s” and we’ll be making more lists about what to do and what “not to do” soon. If you have any suggestions, or if you need help with any aspect of your email marketing, contact the experts at The Email List Company.

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