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Converting Subscribers Into Customers is one of the biggest challenges for an email marketer. You can have the most receptive audience, and the best product or service in the business, but if they ain’t buying, you’re gonna be dying. Are you spending more and getting less? Then keep reading.

  • Develop a Solid Marketing Strategy

The days of casting a wide net and hoping for the best are over. To convert more prospects into customers, you need a strategy that attracts and engages customers. How will they benefit when they do business with you? Take this information and craft a strategy that outlines how to engage your prospects at every stage of their journey.

  • Segment, Segment, Segment 

Segmentation is critical for ensuring your emails go to the right people so you can increase your conversions. The more segmented the list, the better. Your segmentation should be based on what type of email you are sending and what the intended action is. You can segment people based on things like areas of interest, product history, level of engagement, and consumer behavior.

  • Automatic Nurture Campaigns

Another good way to increase conversions is to enter subscribers into targeted automated nurture campaigns. Act-On makes this process easy by automatically entering each prospect that fits specific criteria into an automated program. Once your prospects are assigned to a campaign, they’ll automatically receive information, content, and recommendations that match their interests. This will increase enthusiasm and confidence in your brand, product, or service.

Act-On says that automated nurture campaigns will help drive consistent traffic to your website, allowing you to deliver a personalized web experience. The right website personalization tool helps you track user behavior and deliver intelligent recommendations that match your prospect’s stage in the buyer journey.

  • Leverage Your Data to Optimize Your Efforts

Review your results and identify trends that caused your efforts to succeed or fail. This will help optimize your marketing strategy moving forward. Implement A/B testing to see what subject lines, CTAs, and content pieces perform better than others. The more you identify your strengths and weaknesses, the better your chances for conversions.

  • Invest In a New Email List

Investing in a new email list will drill down your audience and increase your chances for conversions. You need a high-quality list with a clean database that targets your audience with pinpoint accuracy. Email lists should be verified, validated – and segmented so you can target specific categories of your business. We recommend the Email List Company, the #1 trusted source for marketing lists for over 20 years.

Many marketers want to change course if they don’t see immediate results. We suggest that you give your campaigns some time, tweak them if necessary but don’t jump ship. By investing in correct tools and techniques you can convert Subscribers Into Customers. You need to build loyalty and marketers are vulnerable to losing their leads to a competitor if you’re always changing your message. Contact the Email List Company for more information about converting prospects into sales.

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