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A Google Chrome extension allows you to customize your browser and gives you fast access to features that make search engine optimization easier. Extensions can be very useful in enhancing your browsing experience and helping you become more productive, these are the 5 best Chrome Extensions for SEO.

There are hundreds of thousands of Chrome extensions available, so choosing the right ones can be risky. We took the risk out of your search. Here are 5 of the best SEO extensions that offer added capabilities for your Google Chrome browser and help you work faster and smarter.



The SEO Minion extension is one of the best multi-tools for SEO. It allows you to check on-page SEO data, highlight outgoing links, and check pages for broken links.

Its best feature is the multilevel “People Also Ask” query export from the SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) It provides you with related long-tail queries when you are creating a new piece of content.


This Meta Seo Inspector extension allows you to inspect the meta information on web pages, find issues, and get advice to fix them. It includes meta tags, canonicalsstructured datahreflang, subheaders, and more. It also provides advanced data about the internal and external scripts used on the page.

Meta SEO Inspector is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the HTML of their site, but it’s also for anyone curious about page contents that aren’t visible and can reveal interesting site properties.


This extension gives away a good amount of data for free: keyword search volumes, keyword ideas, and domain-level traffic estimations are provided straight on Google’s SERPs.

You can also create keyword collections that will allow you to easily bookmark important keywords without having to google them separately every time.  

Recently, it added a new feature called “Outline Generator.” This feature creates an article outline by analyzing the top-ranking search results in one click.

Streamline your whole content creation research process without ever leaving the Google results page. Surf’s up!


Seo Search Simulator extension is built by Nightwatch. With it, you can emulate Google searches from any location and check if a particular URL ranks in the top 100 results. It will help you see how rankings vary for a query in different parts of the world.

Simulate unbiased search engine queries from any location on Google and easily check your website or your competitor’s rankings. Nightwatch’s search simulator simplifies work for any SEO professional who wants to use a simplified solution for rank tracking to check the positions of websites in the SERP.


The Glimpse Chrome extension turns Google Trends into a keyword research tool. It enriches Google Trends data with keyword search volumes, long-tail keyword suggestions, and a topic map.

Explore the most searched queries of 2022 from bitcoin and crypto trends to Minecraft, Netflix, and Esty. Find product niches that are exploding on Amazon FBA and Shopify. Find trending business ideas before they go mainstream. 

However, you only get 10 free searches per month with Glimpse. You’ll need a paid subscription for extensive keyword research.

These are just a few of many Google Chrome extensions and we will share more soon.  If you have any questions or need help or advice, contact the SEO experts at the Email List Company.