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A good CTA button (Call-to-action) has three main features that combine together to make a powerful conversion point for the user. Copy, design, and placement all have major impacts on a call-to-action in an email.


The words on your CTA button tells the user where to act, The copy should be succinct and to the point. It is simply a directional and should tell them where to push the button – like: “Click here.” “Push here for details.” “Subscribe here.” Stay away from friction words like: “buy here,” “order here” or “download here.” These words may deter the user. When you add a ‘your’ to the button: “Click for your subscription,” marketers saw a 50% increase in conversions.


Designing your CTA button is important, so it stands out in the page and
doesn’t get lost. Make it colorful so it pops out of the screen. Make sure the color is different from the other colors on the page so users can see it.


Positioning the CTA button near the top of the page can increase conversions for easy-to-read emails. The middle of the page is also a good for emails that are lengthier. It is not a good idea to put the button at the bottom of the page, because a portion of your audience won’t read an email to the end, so the entire effort might be in vain. Play it safe – put the button in the middle or at the top.

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