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Take a guess at how many emails people send per day. It’s not 100 thousand, 100 million, or even 100 billion. Every day, people send almost 300 billion emails.

Love or hate them, emails often are what make the world go round. They’re a vital form of communication for everything from marketing to account security. And they make an excellent choice for sending newsletters or email lists, such as a realtor email list.

That said, to some, it might seem like emails are going out of fashion compared to social media. That’s absolutely not the case, and we’re here to show you why.

Keep reading for ten reasons why you should build your realtor list through email.

1. A Realtor Email List Allows You to Maintain Direct Contact

Consider all the ways that your marketing campaign connects with people. You have social media pages, fliers, signs, and physical newsletters. But none of these methods arrive so directly to your audience as an email list.

With email, they get it directly into their inbox–on their phone, in most cases. Most people check their email at least once a day. They often check their email for important things, which means your correspondence gets elevated higher than an Instagram post notification.

2. You Control the Message, Not a Social Media Algorithm

The problem with social media for marketing is often the algorithm. The algorithm tends to be a murky thing, and yet decides when and where your followers get your posts. If people aren’t seeing your posts, then you won’t get the engagement necessary to keep your business afloat.

An email never deals with any algorithms on its way to the recipient’s inbox. The only real risk with sending an email is that it might get flagged as spam, and that’s easy enough to remedy.

3. You Can Personalize Emails

There’s another issue with social media posts: they’re very impersonal. You’re only casting a net for a wide audience. There’s no chance to tell customers, by name, how much they matter to you.

With an email, you can focus the message on the recipient and no one else. You can address them by name, give information related to them alone, and even send only the emails they want. People feel special when you recognize them for who they are, making this an excellent tactic.

4. You Don’t Have to Deal With Trolls

An issue every social media manager runs into is having that one irritable troll who comments negatively on their posts. This gives the wrong impression and the wrong sort of engagement. But deleting their comments or reporting them only gets you so far since others will take over.

With an email, there is no dissent. Disgruntled people cannot spoil the message en route to the intended person. You can keep an updated list of realtor clients and cater only to them.

5. Emails Require Minimal Engagement

Following up on the last point, many struggle with maintaining engagement. You need a social media manager who is present most of the day to respond to comments and DMs. If they can’t keep up with the load, customers feel like you’re being less responsive and interpret that as you not caring.

You send an email, and then the recipient chooses when and how to engage. They can click on the internal links to access what you want them to. This way you can market to real estate agents on your timetable–and theirs.

6. Updates Are Quick

Social media platforms use their algorithm to decide when to show you content. Factors include how new a post is, and how much engagement it’s getting from likes, views, and comments. But that presents a problem if you have something important (and perhaps urgent) to say.

Big news like this can’t wait to make it to every real estate agent or real estate broker that needs to hear it. An email, on the other hand, is instant and they won’t miss it.

7. Emails Feel More Official

Part of marketing is getting your intended audience to feel the way you want them to. So why not make your correspondence feel official, like something they should pay extra attention to?

Emails give a different impression than social media posts. There’s more incentive to engage and respond. Especially for those who don’t like to comment or like social media posts.

8. Access Clients Who Are Less Tech Savvy

Many of your intended audience may come from a generation that hasn’t caught on to technology. Older folks may struggle to wrangle Facebook and the like.

Make it easier on yourself and appeal with something they understand well. An email list works for individuals of all generations.

9. Keep Closer Control of Real, Meaningful Engagement

Social media platforms offer useful tools for determining where your content is reaching and how well. But often this is in nebulous terms that are hard to visualize. Things like “views” and “impressions.”

Email makes it easy. If they’re interested, they’ll engage. They’ll click on the link, and then you have clear-cut proof of how effective your marketing is.

10. Email Is More Versatile With Design

Posting on social media limits you to the design language of that company. A post on Instagram will always be the same size picture, with the same character limit. This makes things easy for Instagram to manage but limits your freedom.

Emails don’t limit you. You can have a long email with beautiful graphics. Or, you can have short-and-sweet ones that they can read from the notification drawer.

Conquer Email Marketing With The Email List Company

An email is the best choice for your realtor email list, hands down. It allows you freedom and precise control of your message and which recipients receive it. You don’t have to juggle with vague social media algorithms that punish your marketing without a clear reason.

At The Email List Company, we have a thing for emails and everything related to them. We help you build a campaign that reaches your audience wherever they may be. Contact us to find out how we can do that for you.